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Summer Holiday Guide for Newport 2019
Published 7/20/2019 in Spotlight Newport
School is out and the summer holidays have started! Too many days with the kids at home these holidays?  We have a few suggestions for you to help keep them occupied! Fourteen Locks Canal Centre There is a lot going on at the Fourteen Locks Canal Centre these holidays.  Obviously a great... read more ❯
Ever heard the saying ‘You can get older, without getting old?’
Published 7/13/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Ever heard the saying ‘You can get older, without getting old?’  The first time I heard this quote it definitely resonated with me. I may be 46 now and my body gets tired more easily and is showing all those irritating signs of ageing, like the wrinkles and grey hair, but... read more ❯
Can massage help depression
Can Massage help Depression and Anxiety?
Published 7/8/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Can Massage help Depression and Anxiety? When we think of massage, we tend to think of the physical symptoms massage can bring – looser muscles, relief from aching joint and being able to actually turn your head again properly. But what about the other benefits we don’t think of instantly… the... read more ❯
The Kada Safe Tread System - how the slip resistant coating works
Published 6/27/2019 in Spotlight Newport
We recently had Kada Coatings install their Kada Safe Tread System for us in our bath and were really impressed with the process. The Kada Safe Tread System is a safety enhancement coating which comes in a “Self Install” kit format.  The kit is designed to be used by maintenance... read more ❯
6 Week Confidence Coaching Package with Rachael Barnes for £299
Published 6/27/2019 in Spotlight Newport
How are your confidence levels? Do you wish you could walk into a room and not feel the need to compare yourself to every other person in that room? Wish that you felt comfortable enough to say YES to new experiences? Many of us feel concerned about how others will react... read more ❯
British Nordic Walking Event - Fourteen Locks Canal Centre - 30th June
Published 6/24/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Nordic Walking - A great way to get fit and meet new friends Ed Woolley (British Nordic Walking instructor) runs five walks per week in Caerphilly borough and Newport. Over a span of eight years Ed has built a strong class that meet every week in a diverse range of locations... read more ❯
Sole Trader, Limited Company, or form a Partnership?
Published 6/8/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Setting up in business, and confused about whether you should opt for Sole Trader, Limited Company status, or a Partnership? We asked Mark from Choice Bookkeeping about the differences, and why to choose one over another! Sole Trader This is generally the simplest option, and the route many take, especially when starting... read more ❯
Should I protect my Income?
Published 6/3/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Income protection - is your income protected if you couldn't work? Could you pay the bills if you couldn’t work? How much would you be entitled to if you were too ill to work, or had an accident? We asked Ronan Gregory, of Ronan Gregory Financial Planning (part of the Abacus... read more ❯
Phone repair vs replacement - is it worth fixing?
Published 5/30/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Is it worth fixing your phone? Should your look at phone repairs or just replace it? Phones can be pretty expensive, and there is nothing worse than dropping it, and cracking the screen, or not being able to charge it properly because the charging socket is damaged.  Maybe your battery life... read more ❯
Love Blogging? We are looking for Guest Bloggers!
Published 5/20/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Here at Spotlight Newport we are on the lookout for Guest Bloggers!  If you love writing, or would like to improve your writing and fancy writing some guest blogs on community events and more in the Newport area, then we would love to hear from you. What could I blog about... read more ❯

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