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Free Quickbooks Software for 6 Months!
Published 8/14/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Has all this talk of Making Tax Digital made you realise you need to update your bookkeeping practices? Not sure where to start? Choice Bookkeeping are offering all new bookkeeping clients 6 months of Quickbooks free! That's right - 6 months free Quickbooks! Choice Bookkeeping are a local bookkeepers in South Wales,... read more ❯
What expenses can I claim for?
Published 8/12/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Trying to get your books sorted, and wondering what expenses you can claim for on your tax return? It can be a bit of a minefield, so we asked Choice Bookkeeping for some advice! If you keep in mind as a general guide that the expense must be “wholly and exclusively”... read more ❯
Is daydreaming beneficial?
Published 8/12/2019 in Spotlight Newport
I am definitely one of life’s dreamers. Daydreaming is my go to coping technique when things get tough. There’s nothing better than escaping to a desert island or a fairy tale castle when life gets too stressful or too painful. And now I find out that it’s good for me! Who knew? 🤷‍♀️ I’m currently studying... read more ❯
Want to know how to Join Spotlight Newport?
Published 8/8/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Heard about how joining Spotlight Newport can help your business grow, get more customers, and become better known in the Newport area? We love helping local businesses just like yours increase their visibility, and we are on the look out for great local businesses join Spotlight Newport so that we can... read more ❯
Choose something you really love!
Published 8/1/2019 in Spotlight Newport
I used to hate studying and I absolutely dreaded revision. I’d lie in bed stressing about having to revise and end up frantically starting at 10pm, after putting it off all day. Then I’d wake up tired and grumpy and the cycle would start again. I’d watch enviously as my friends... read more ❯
Dropshot PVA Tub Range from Severn Office Solutions
Published 7/31/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Check out this great offer here! Great for your business and the planet! Dropshot PVA Tub Range from Severn Office Solutions read more ❯
Summer Holiday Guide for Newport 2019
Published 7/20/2019 in Spotlight Newport
School is out and the summer holidays have started! Too many days with the kids at home these holidays?  We have a few suggestions for you to help keep them occupied! Fourteen Locks Canal Centre There is a lot going on at the Fourteen Locks Canal Centre these holidays.  Obviously a great... read more ❯
Ever heard the saying ‘You can get older, without getting old?’
Published 7/13/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Ever heard the saying ‘You can get older, without getting old?’  The first time I heard this quote it definitely resonated with me. I may be 46 now and my body gets tired more easily and is showing all those irritating signs of ageing, like the wrinkles and grey hair, but... read more ❯
Can massage help depression
Can Massage help Depression and Anxiety?
Published 7/8/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Can Massage help Depression and Anxiety? When we think of massage, we tend to think of the physical symptoms massage can bring – looser muscles, relief from aching joint and being able to actually turn your head again properly. But what about the other benefits we don’t think of instantly… the... read more ❯
The Kada Safe Tread System - how the slip resistant coating works
Published 6/27/2019 in Spotlight Newport
We recently had Kada Coatings install their Kada Safe Tread System for us in our bath and were really impressed with the process. The Kada Safe Tread System is a safety enhancement coating which comes in a “Self Install” kit format.  The kit is designed to be used by maintenance... read more ❯

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