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Special Offer from Severn Office!
Published 10/10/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Special offer with Severn Office. Order a pack of Gel-ocity pens and receive a free gift - Nestle Mini Breaks! read more ❯
Published 10/10/2019 in Spotlight Newport
JAYNE’S BAKES CHRISTMAS PRODUCT LIST 2019 CHEESECAKES All 10” round and easily serve 14 – 16 (can be cut in half and shared if required) After Eight                £17.00 Baileys & White Chocolate Baked New York with Coulis (Forest Fruit)     £21.00 Oreo £17.00 Salted Caramel  £17.00 Cointreau & Orange Baked Cheesecake Baked Chocolate & Orange Cheesecake          £16.00 Baked Raspberry Cheesecake with... read more ❯
How do you relax? I didn’t know how!
Published 10/3/2019 in Spotlight Newport
When I had my breakdown I was ordered by my doctor to relax. In fact his words were ‘I’ve never seen anyone more in need of a holiday. What have you done to yourself?’ The word ‘relax’ filled me with fear. How do you relax? I didn’t know how. I never... read more ❯
Chair Offers from Severn Office!
Published 10/3/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Time for some new seating in the office? Want to make sure your office chairs match your brand? Some great offers here from Severn Office! Which colours and styles will you choose? read more ❯
October Offers from Severn Office - coffee, pens and much more
Published 10/3/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Looking for some great offers for your business? Severn Office have you covered, with Pens, storage boxes, paper, coffee (and chocolates) and so much more!     read more ❯
Mechanic in Newport
How to Winterproof your Car this Autumn
Published 10/1/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Now that Autumn is well and truly here, it's time to start thinking about getting your car ready for winter - some you can do yourself, some you will need probably need to speak to a mechanic in Newport about. Here are our tips to make sure your car is... read more ❯
Eight years ago I had a big health scare - Rachael Barnes
Published 9/23/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Eight years ago I had a big health scare. Looking back it had been coming for a while. I’d been suffering from headaches for so long that taking painkillers was a daily part of my life and I had gotten used to the pains in my chest and didn’t have time to... read more ❯
Do you use HP Ink? A great Cashback offer for you!
Published 9/13/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Want to save some money on your printer ink? Time to contact Severn Office! read more ❯
Why my approach is different! - Rachael Barnes Confidence and Self Worth Coach
Published 8/29/2019 in Spotlight Newport
So how does my approach to coaching differ from other coaches? Most coaches will concentrate on the issues you are currently facing and help you to write an action plan to move forward. My approach involves digging more deeply. In fact, digging all the way back to your childhood. Things you experienced as a... read more ❯
Severn Office Online Ordering -10% off your First Order!
Published 8/28/2019 in Spotlight Newport
Save time and money with the Online ordering service from Severn Office Solutions. Find out more by calling them on 0345 2222 444. read more ❯

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